Mission, Vision, Values

At Valero we work daily to offer the most complete range of solutions, allowing our customers to centralise orders that means save administration costs, while keeping the highest quality standards we are known for. This leads us to currently be the main drivers in the construction, industry and packaging sectors towards a more efficient, sustainable and quality service. Without a doubt this has a significant impact on savings for our customers and especially on an improvement in product quality.

Just as we do not set ourselves limits or boundaries in our daily work, we do not restrict ourselves when it comes to new challenges. For this reason, besides keeping our leadership in the sector at worldwide level and growing year after year, we are transferring that leadership to the international level as well, always keeping the same quality of products and services that is part of our working philosophy.

To attain our goals, our main values are:

Human capital. The best professionals working towards attaining the best quality and service. A management team guided by our business ethics. All working together closely aligned with our corporate culture.

Business ethics. Increasingly today this is an important value for us. More than ever, this is the time to take care of our relationships with all our stakeholders who intervene in our business processes.

R+D+I. Even before the term was coined, we were already known in the sector for this reason. “When your competitors are working hard to copy you, this means you are on the right path, because you are still one step ahead of them…”

Technology. Our worldwide patents and state-of-the-art production elements represent an impassable barrier to all our competitors in terms of costs. Today, Valero offers its customers this technology and the possibility of also becoming manufacturers of our products.

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