Lanzamiento del nuevo Catálogo de Aislamientos

Valero lanza el nuevo Catálogo de Aislamientos, el cual reúne la más completa gama de productos y soluciones constructivas para satisfacer las necesidades de los edificios, con el objetivo de ayudar al profesional del sector a escoger la solución óptima para cada proyecto.


Circular formwork that is surprisingly light for constructing pillars, manufactured with plastic materials using technology patented by Valero, obtaining smooth finishes better than those by Tubotec at a more competitive price. It is also 50% lighter and completely waterproof.

Highest quality

Since it consists of only one piece, there is no breakage risk between layers, avoiding leaks in the concrete between the mould and internal sheet, as well as the occasional spiral.

Light and safe

Reltec Circular is a light product, one with 300 mm in diameter, 3 m long and weighing under 4 Kg, It provides maximum safety during manipulation and pouring.

Easy form removal

The formwork can easily be opened with a simple cut in few seconds.

Large diameters

Reltec Circular can form pillars of diameters between 200 and 1500 mm available in any length requested.


The plastic material of the formwork is high quality and resistant.


Once the form has been removed, it becomes a flat layer that may be easily recycled.


Standard diameter: from 200 mm to 1500 mm
Standard length: 3000 and 4000 mm
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