Lanzamiento del nuevo Catálogo de Aislamientos

Valero lanza el nuevo Catálogo de Aislamientos, el cual reúne la más completa gama de productos y soluciones constructivas para satisfacer las necesidades de los edificios, con el objetivo de ayudar al profesional del sector a escoger la solución óptima para cada proyecto.


The ingenuity and versatility...

Disposable formworks and molds for pillars that, by shape or placement, require special treatment. Thanks to patented technology, Valero gets the best concrete finish in the market.

In this section you will find the following products:


Designed to create both decorative accessories for walls or fences, as well as structural elements seen in porchs, facades or inside the building. In addition to standard models, it is possible to design other models.


The well-known Polygonal formwork and Tubotec formwork by Valero are available with a wood texture finish.


Formworks for pillars having a dilatation joint between them. Available for square and rectangular, as well as semi-circular.


Pillar molds/ formworks of any section. We offer the unique possibility of making special formworks for any tailored design of architects, technicians and designers.

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