Grafipol Termoimpact is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel with low thermal conductivity, complying with the Spanish technical specifications of the UNE-EN 13163 standard, whose specific raw material increases its thermal insulation power to the same density of conventional EPS.

Given its excellent features, it is recommended to be used as thermal and acoustic insulation for raised floors, especially in those building areas separating homes from uninhabitable or exterior spaces.

This innovative product solves two needs in just one, for it simultaneously serves the purpose of anti-shock sheets and thermal insulation.

It has the main requirements for insulation for this application:

  • It has a resistance to compression of 100 kPa, as recommended by the UNE 92181 standard for use in interior floors as underfloor insulation.
  • It can reduce shock noise levels by 26 dB. Therefore, it complies with the Spanish requirements set by CTE DB-HR for homes.
  • It has excellent thermal conductivity at 0,030 W/mK, which enables higher thermal resistance with little thickness, complying with the demands set by CTE DB-HR and saving those centimetres that hinder free heights in homes.

Construction detail

To be used in raised floors in contact with uninhabitable space.


3D detail


  1. Ceramic flooring
  2. Holding mortar
  3. Compression layer: self-levelling mortar
  4. EEPS acoustic perimeter band: Grafipol TR-0 Tiras
  5. Separating layer: polyethylene film
  6. Thermal-acoustic insulation: GRAFIPOL TERMOIMPACT (λ=0,030 W/mK)
  7. Reinforced concrete floor
  8. Interior coating: plastero
Thermal insulation - Compliance with CTE - DB HE Dec. 2019 version
Weather area Thickness "e"
“U” thermal transmittance
of solution (W/m2K)
“U” thermal transmittance recommended
in accordance with schedule E -DB HE (Dec. 2019 v.) (W/m2K)
α 40 0,43 (1) 0,80
A 0,80
B 0,69
C 0,48
D 0,48
E 0,48

(1) Cálculo realizado s/ Documento de Apoyo del DB HE-1 considerando el coeficiente de reducción de temperatura “b”=0,93

Acoustic insulation - Compliance with CTE - DB HR 2016
Noise impact reduction indicator "ΔLW" (dB) Noise impact reduction indicator "ΔLW" (dB) demanded by DB HR 2016 (dB)
29 (2) 13 (3)
Recommended mechanical characteristics for floors in accordance with UNE 92181-2017 standard (low pavement and radiant floor insulation)
Resistance to compression CS(10) Grafipol TERMOIMPACT (KPa) Resistance to compression CS(10) recommended in accordance with UNE 92181-2017 standard (KPa)
100 100

(2) According to the test in the Acusttel lab, report number 19.0086.CA0011.
(3) Difference between the weighted average of sound pressure of floor shocks of 78 dB in accordance with UNE EN ISO 717-2 standard, and global pressure level of shock impacts in accordance with section 2.1.2 of CTE – DB HR 2016, of 65 dB.


___m² of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam panel, Grafipol TERMOIMPACT SE «VALERO», in accordance with UNE-EN 13163, smooth surface and mechanised side ________, thickness of ___ mm, thermal resistance ___ m²K/W,thermal conductivity of 0.030 W/(mK), Euroclass E reaction to fire, EPS designation code ‐ N 13163 – L(3) – W(3) – T(2) – S(5) – P(10) – BS150 ‐ TR200 – DS(N)2 – CS(10)100; index of shock noise reduction by (ΔLW) 29 dB.

Download the construction detail appropriated with DB-HE (Dec. 2019 version)

Example of construction detail
External contact. Floating ground. Insulation on forged


With calculated thickness for each climatic zone in accordance with annex E of DB-HE (Dec. 2019 version)
Includes U thermal transmittance values for each solution, calculated with HULC


Thermal conductivity (λ): 0,030 W/mK
Noise impact reduction indicator (ΔLw) : 29 dB
Resistance to compression: ≥ 100 kPa
Thickness(1): From 10 mm
Standard lengths(2): 1000 mm and 2000 mm
Standard width: 600 mm
(1) Cut to size in multiples of 5 mm
(2) Possibility of cutting to size
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