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Under slab concrete floor

Grafipol TR-32 is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel of low thermal conductivity, complying with the Spanish technical specifications of the UNE-EN 13163 standard, whose specific raw material increases its thermal insulation power to the same density of conventional EPS.

With a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK, this material is specially recommended for slab concrete floor in contact with the outside or in contact with non-habitable spaces where the thermal insulation requirement is a priority. Due to its excellent features and specific design, it enables compliance with standard requirements regarding energy savings as set in CTE DB-HE with minimum thickness.

The product characteristics and the half-lap joint machining favour adhesion to the support, which allows for the absence of mechanical fixations, achieving a uniform surface free of thermal bridges (in joints between parts) and point bridges (in mechanical fixations).

Construction detail

Use in floor in contact with the outside, placing the insulation under slab concrete floor.


3D detail


  1. Ceramic flooring
  2. Holding mortar
  3. Compression layer with distribution element
  4. Polyethylene film
  5. Acoustic mats: GRAFIPOL TR-0 Impact (λ = 0,033 W/mK)
  6. Reinforced concrete floor
  7. Thermal insulationo: GRAFIPOL TR-32 (λ = 0,032 W/mK) fixed with adhesive to the support
  8. Outer sleeve
Thermal insulation - Compliance with Spanish CTE - DB HE Dec. 2019 version
Weather area Thickness "e"
“U” thermal transmittance of solution (W/m2K) “U” thermal transmittance recommended
in accordance with schedule E -DB HE (Dec. 2019 v.) (W/m2K)
α 30 0,53 0,56
A 40 0,45 0,50
B 60 0,35 0,38
C 80 0,29 0,29
D 90 0,27 0,27
E 110 0,23 0,23


___m² of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam panel, Grafipol TR-32 SE «VALERO», in accordance with UNE-EN 13163, smooth surface and mechanised side ________, thickness of ___ mm, thermal resistance ___ m²K/W, thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/(mK), Euroclass E reaction to fire, EPS designation code ‐ EN 13163 – L(3) – W(3) – T(2) – S(5) – P(10) – BS50 – DS(N)2.


Thermal conductivity (λ) : 0,032 W/mK
Thickness(1): From 10 mm
Standard lengths(2): 2000 mm and 2800 mm
Standard width: 600 mm
(1) Cut to size in multiples of 5 mm
(2) Possibility of cutting to size
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