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At Valero we are specialised in collaborating closely with our customers in order to find EPS solutions for any industrial process. As a result, we created the lightening and industrial core business line. It focuses on speeding up our customers’ industrial manufacturing processes, while increasing the resistance, quality and durability of the final products and significantly reducing the weight, which has a direct impact.

Some significant examples worth highlighting are industrial processes of polystyrene cores for doors, lightening cores for furniture, insulation cores for sandwich panels Thermochip type or similar types, closure cores of aluminium or other kind of materials.

Durelit is a star product within our EPS lightening and core range. Durelit is the development of rigid polystyrene foam enabling lightening of any type of heavy panel or product with optimal physical and technical characteristics that no other expanded polystyrene manufacturer in Spain can match due to the use of state-of-the-art EPS manufacturing and manipulating technology. It is perfect for those products or sandwich panels requiring high precision (+-0.1 mm), highly resistant to compression and high density and insulation. The use of Durelit is essential in any industrial process that wants to stand out in the market with high added value and quality.

Let our technical department guide you. They will freely study the possibility of using Durelit to improve your product by:

  • Reducing weight up to 60%
  • Better handling
  • Increased resistance
  • Highest quality
  • Thickness precision
  • Temperature tolerance


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