Grafipol TR-5

Superior thermoacoustic

Grafipol TR-5 is a sandwich-type panel consisting of two outer layers of our Grafipol TR-5 insulation (elastic expanded polystyrene EEPS range subjected to an elasticity process to improve its acoustic properties) and a side layer with a heavy acoustic layer with EPDM of 5 kg/m².

This composition makes the most of our Grafipol TR-0’s elasticity for absorbing acoustic waves, creating a “string” effect cushioning sound. However, they also add a heavy sheet core to attain a barrier effect breaking acoustic waves. These two effects have been efficient in preventing sound transmission (absorption + mass) and we have joined them in one insulation, which also preserves better thermal qualities than any other acoustic insulation in the market. Its excellent thermal conductivity is a clear evidence: 0,033 W/mK.

With airborne insulation of 58 dB(A)*, it is specially recommended to be used whenever a high degree of acoustic insulation is required, such as separating walls, machine rooms, lift shafts, and partitions in premises with noisy activities.

The panel’s side cuts are mechanised as half lap joints for easy installation and to avoid thermal and acoustic bridges.

(*) In accordance with the test specified in the product’s technical sheet.

Construction detail

To be used in separating walls between houses


  1. Interior coating (plaster)
  2. Ceramic brick thick partition (LH9)
  3. Acoustic bands (Grafipol TR-0 tiras)(Grafipol TR-0 Tiras)
  4. Thermal-acoustic insulation : GRAFIPOL TR-5
  5. Acoustic bands (Grafipol TR-0 tiras)(Grafipol TR-0 Tiras)
  6. Ceramic brick thick partition (LH9)
  7. Interior coating (plaster)


___m² of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam panel, Grafipol TR-5 SE «VALERO», in accordance with UNE-EN 13163, smooth surface and mechanised side ________, thickness of 42 mm, thermal resistance ___ m²K/W, thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/(mK), Euroclass E reaction to fire, EPS designation code ‐ 13163-L3-W3-T2-S5-P10-BS50-DS(N)2.


Thermal conductivity (λ): 0,033 W/mK
Insulation of "RA" airborne noise (RA): 58 dB(A)
Thickness: 42 mm
Measurements: 1015x680mm
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